Peace March

We encourage all our neighbors to join in as community partners do their part in creating peaceful spaces.


Nobel Neighbors Partners With Oak Street Health and elected officials For Thanksgiving efforts

Thanksgiving is right around the corner which means there are many efforts in motion to help make the holiday a good one for many community members. Nobel Neighbors partnered with our friends at Oak Street Health to usher in some #Thanksgiving with gift cards and dinner to individuals that they service. In addition, we are partnering with the offices of Congress Representative Danny Davis and Alderperson Emma Mitts to assist in distributing food in the community.

Marine Corps Toys For Tots

Passing this information on from our wonderful community organizer at the 25th District!

Hello 25th District Residents,Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots is a national not-for-profit that works with local agencies to deliver unwrapped Christmas toys for kids.You can apply for toys for Christmas at:…/local-toy-request…Please Note – Online Local Toy Request Form SubmissionSUBMITTING AN APPLICATION DOES NOT GUARANTEE TOYS. EACH APPLICATION MUST BE REVIEWED AND APPROVED BY THE LOCAL CAMPAIGN.If your application is approved, you will receive notification and details regarding the date and location of toy distribution. You must bring a copy of this confirmation page or a copy of the confirmation email as identification as well as any other documents required.

Continued Community Safety

Community Safety is a BIG priority for Nobel Neighbors. With violence on the rise community members realize that they must take steps to create the type of community that they want to live in. Neighbors in our service area took to the streets along with the 25th District, The Night Ministry and North Western to give out information regarding housing and job training on October 26th. If you are interested in joining some of the efforts to better the community please email us at

Neighbor Space Honors Board Member & Garden Coordinator

Board Member Maura Madden honored for her efforts in the Children’s Garden of Hope

The Children’s Garden of Hope is a great place in our community that is the result of Neighbors standing together to reclaim a spot that was engulfed in bad activities. Our Board member and keeper of the garden Maura was honored for all the work she does to keep the garden up. She makes sure the garden is kept up, organizes use of the produce boxes, fundraises and is lovingly know as The Garden Lady by many of the neighbors. Help us give Maura her flowers! We thank you and appreciate your efforts!

Nobel Neighbors Is Organizing For A New North-Pulaski Library

On Christmas 1989, the North-Pulaski branch burned down leaving all of Humboldt Park without a library. The work of our fellow community groups like The Block Club Federation and Youth Service Project was able to advocate and bring not one, but two new branches to the community. The Humboldt Park Branch, at North and Troy was built, in 1995 and the North-Pulaski Branch was leased in 1996, at North and Lowell.

The North-Pulaski branch serves West Humboldt Park, North Austin, and Hermosa, but is only about 6,000 sq. ft. Modern branches that serve our communities across the city are between 15-18,000 sq. ft. and have 15-20 spaces for parking. Our current space is not big enough to serve families or students from local schools such as North-Grand HS, Orr HS, Pritzker College Prep, Marine Leadership Academy and Stowe, Nixon, Nobel, West Park, and Cameron elementary schools.

It has been a decades long dream of residents to have a North-Pulaski Branch library that would serve our families and students of our local schools. The dream is close to becoming a reality.

Over the last year, Nobel Neighbors and other local stakeholders have been organizing to redevelop the old Pioneer Bank and its vacant lot to the north of it. Working through community roundtables stakeholders have brainstormed elements that could go into the Pioneer Bank Redevelopment. A larger, relocated North-Pulaski Branch library has been the top element residents, seniors, youth, business owners, and community organizations have desired.

Before the May 18th Chicago Public Library Board meeting, Nobel Neighbors organized a email writing campaign to formally request that the library board and new CPL commissioner, Chris Brown, commit to bringing a new library to the Pioneer Bank Redevelopment.

At the virtual meeting, commissioner Brown mentioned (minute 36:28) that dozens of community letters of support for a new, expanded North-Pulaski library were sent his way; too many he could not read them all. After reading one such letter, Commissioner Brown responded that the CPL has expressed interest in relocating the North-Pulaski Branch and said he has shared that interest with the city’s Department of Planning. 

 “Should a developer be interested in bringing a library to the site, we are open to the opportunity,” Brown said. He added, “We’ve also expressed requirements of the branch located in the RFP as being at least 16,000 sq. ft. , with dedicated parking.”

This is a community win! We couldn’t do this without you, our neighbors.

It is our hope that the commissioner’s expression of intention will push interested developer teams to formalize their bids to include the element of a Chicago Public Library in the Pioneer Bank redevelopment.

Let’s continue to build the momentum to bring the North-Pulaski Branch library to its namesake corner. 

A redeveloped Pioneer Bank and community and cultural hub.
A 75-90 unit affordable housing building with commercial/civic space on the ground level. Both the Pioneer Bank and the affordable housing buildings can accomodate a relocated and expanded North-Pulaski Library.