Hello to all of our Nobel neighbors of West Humboldt Park!

We are very excited to be starting a new campaign here at Nobel Neighbors to create a internet presence and begin to expland our visibility. We are working closely with a DePaul Public Relations Campaign group to expand our company.

Let us tell you a little about who we are:

Nobel Neighbors is a community based organization with the mission of improving the quality of life in Chicago’s West Humboldt Park by promoting and fostering an environment which allows the residents to solve the problems that affect their lives; through community organizing strategies; educational opportunities; leadership building; and encouraging residents to work towards empowerment.

Nobel Neighbors was founded in 1985, to address criminal activity surrounding the Alfred Nobel Elementary School. Today, Nobel Neighbors is a multi-issue organization that works to empower residents to improve their community.

The geographic area which Nobel Neighbors serves is the West Humboldt Park neighborhood. Nobel targets the western part of the community area 23. The service area is designated as Armatage Avenue on the north, Chicago Avenue to the south, Central Park on the east, and Cicero on the west. The census tracts in the area cover most of 2305-2313.

he organization’s six areas of current activities are: (1) Capacity Building and Mobilization (2) Community Development without Displacement (3) Community Reinvestment (4) Decreasing Abandoned Buildings (5) Community Safety (6) Neighborhood Beautification Activities.

Since our beginnings, Nobel Neighbors has taken part in many local causes. These projects include violence prevention with a neighborhood watch, educational opportunities and local leadership building with programs for Nobel Elementary students, and beautification projects for the neighborhood.

Our current goals and work:

We want to create and promote an environment that allows the residents to solve the problems that affect their lives and come together.

Our current focus is our West Humboldt Park housing initiatives. This is where we rehab foreclosed homes, work with local homeowners to prevent more foreclosures, and provide workshops to educate homeowners on new tips about home owning.

Thus far we have rehabbed two homes and resold them at a lower price to low-income home owners. It’s important to us to educate local homeowners about financial responsibility.

Only about 20 percent of houses are actually owned in Humboldt Park. Most homes in the area are rented. Nobel Neighbors is working to have more home ownership and to build confidence in owners both current and future.

Please join us in working to make West Humboldt Park a better place for all that live here and keep reading for more updates to come!

To find out more and to keep updated on everything Nobel Neighbors has to offer please like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, or retweet this post! Click on the links on our sidebar!


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