Leaders Per Block

Nobel Neighbors has hired a new Americorps VISTA volunteer to reinvigorate the Leaders Per Block program and maximize communication between community members and Nobel Neighbors. The goal is to recruit leaders on each block in the neighborhood to act as a voice for their neighbors and connect neighbors in to enable the community to address its own issues. The more connections we can build in our neighborhood, the safer our streets will be, the more vibrant our gardens will become and ultimately the higher our quality of life will be.

Identifying and connecting leaders in our community allows us to more accurately assess and address the needs of the community, but it also gives residents direct input on future Nobel Neighbors programming. Having a stake in Nobel Neighbors gives residents an established community partner and connects them to various social services, job training/opportunities, local government, schools, parks etc. When we organize together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

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For more info about the Leaders Per Block program or if you want to get involved, email Chris Antonelli at antonelli.chris@gmail.com


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