Nobel Neighbors in 2014-2015: Calling for Peace in our Streets in 2014-2015

In response to the murders of Sam Walker (34) and Lafayette Walton (16) in July, both near the corner of Crystal and Keeler, Nobel Neighbors held its first vigil of six in as many weeks on August 6th, 2014. This vigil, and many others after it, brought together neighbors and partners in the fight against gun violence in our streets in order to call attention to a major crisis that has impacted the area in West Humboldt Park served by Nobel Neighbors for generations.

Since the murders of Sam Walker and Lafayette Walton, from July 2014 through January 2016 alone, in the Nobel Neighbors community area there were 5 homicides, 19 shooting victims, and and untold number of unreported shootings (see map below). For more information, consult the DNAInfo Chicago interactive map: Where Shootings Have Occurred in Chicago Since 2010.

Shootings July 2014 through Jan 2016

To read a report detailing this campaign for peace in our streets, click here: A Year n Some in the Hood: Nobel Neighbors in 2014-15

See also press coverage of vigils:


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