History Comes Alive Event

It was a cold and rainy day but we are Chicagoans and the weather does not stop us! Nobel Neighbors and the community gathered together for their final event of the 2019 3G Series. They have been gardening, gathering and guiding all Summer. They gathered together for the History comes alive event. Participants were encouraged to dress as a historical figure. We had some dress as teachers, builders and famous photographers. Attendees were treated to beef hotdogs, chips, juice and of course treats. Neighbors had the chance to fellowship and build community together. We would like to thank the Chicago Community Trust for providing grant funds for us to take steps to build a safer community.


History Comes Alive

Join us this Saturday October 26th 2019 at the Children’s Garden of Hope 4052 W Potomac Chgo,IL for our History Comes Alive Event from 12-2. Dress as your favorite person from history as we conclude our Summer 3G activities. It’s been a great Summer and we would love to see your faces in the building!
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Nobel Neighbors & U Can Turn Around Host 3rd parent workshop of 2019

On October 5th 2019, Nobel Neighbors and U Can Turn It Around facilitated their 3rd parent workshop of 2019 at West Park Academy of Fine Arts & Technology. The presenter was Gae Lauren-Schell on the topic of Effective Discipline. The workshop was interactive and equipped parents with tools that they could use in providing discipline. Parents were able to share challenges that they were experiencing and are planning to to create a parent support group. The parent workshops are made possible with funding that Nobel received from the Chicago Community Trust part of their Summer “3G” Gardening Gathering and Guiding.
Special thanks to Mr. Jeffery Bates lifelong educator, realtor and youth advocate for assisting with translation.

Serving Chicago’s Youth

Nobel Neighbors gathered with various stakeholders from throughout the city regarding serving and equipping young people with the tools that they need to be successful. The meeting was hosted at the office of Antionette Rogers former Prosser Alumni and Farmers Insurance Agent. The attendees serve youth in different capacities from across the Chicagoland area with the focus of equipping the youth. Chicago’s youth are facing great challenges and we believe that it is time to invest in them and help them and their families work through the issues that they are coming up against. The initiative is called C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S. which is an acronym for Chicagoans Helping and Always Motivating People In Our Neighborhoods Succeed. The effort is spearheaded by Jeffrey Bates a life long educator and youth and community advocate.


Serving the youth of Chicago

Today Nobel Neighbors met with various stakeholders to discuss how we can better serve the youth of the Chicagoland area. Our children are faced with a multitude of challenges from violence to homelessness. The more tools and guidance that they have the better equipped they will be to attack problems. We encourage every Chicagoan to ask themselves how can they can assist in serving the children of our city.71206643_2728357047175723_6140015431668203520_o

1st Parent Workshop of 2019

Nobel Neighbors in partnership with West Park Academy and U Can Turn It Around hosted our 1st parent workshop of 2019. The subject was “Helping Children Make Better Decisions. The facilitator was Orlando Cesar. He talked about the importance of parents assisting their children in making sound decisions. Mr. Cesar also provided parents with tools that they could use in making decisions with their children as well as serving as protectors. One of the biggest take aways was that parents should act as an ozone layer and filter out harmful elements that their children may be exposed to. Our parent workshops this year are made possible my funds awarded to Nobel Neighbors from the Chicago Community Trust

2019 The Great Trim Up

Building unity is all about collaboration! This year for the great trim up , Nobel Neighbors Teamed up with our community partner West Park Academy of Fine Arts & Technology. Through funding that we were awarded through the Chicago Community Trust we were able to offer food, haircuts and fellowship. Over 200 hot dogs, beverages and chips were served. Students had the opportunity to meet the new principal and staff members for the 2019-2020 school year. It was a great time on the beautiful school campus. We hope to build more peace in our community and of course have more fun with our friends!

National Seniors Day Event 2019

As Part of our 2019 Summer 3 G Events we honored our community Seniors at the North Pulaski Apartment Building. They were Kings and Queens for the day and shared knowledge with the younger generation. We strive to close the generation gap and encourage seniors to remain an active part of the community. The knowledge that they have can help us make our communities better and solve some of the problems that we have.

It’s Garden Time!

Spring has officially arrived that means it’s time to get our community garden ready for the season. It takes a lot of hard work to create and maintain a successful community garden. Nobel Neighbors is always looking for extra hands to help in our garden. If you are interested in helping out in the garden please reach out to us at nobelneighborschicago@gmail.com. If hands on work isn’t for you and donating to the work is a better fit You can make a donation online to https://www.paypal.me/NobelNeighbors Nobel Neighbors is a 501c3 so all donations are tax deductible. Check out a few snapshots from our work in the garden today.