Summer “3G” Series The Great Trim Up

Nobel Neighbors Hosted the 2nd event of its Summer 3G Series “The Great Trim Up” on July 25th 2018. Nobel Neighbors partnered with barbers from the community to offer free haircuts, food and to build and fellowship with the community. Participants were excited about to receive their free haircuts and to learn about the renovations that are going on in the garden. Participants received a tour of the garden and learned about the kind of plants and trees that were there and they were able to spread grass seeds to the areas that needed them. Representatives from Neighbor Space were also on hand to share information about the garden renovations. Thank you to The Chicago Community Trust, The Sulzer Foundations and Allstate for their donations that have enabled us to continually engage the community. Check out video from the event on our Youtube Channel Great Trim Up Video


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